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I'll post these wonderful guest comments on my front page for you to enjoy and get an idea of what my tour is all about!  Be sure to go to the home page and go from there... enjoy!  


Oct. 2012

Your tour was awesome!  A day I will always remember, you treated us as family, (in my book that is being treated good). 

The young lady that works the morning shift at the comfort inn, when we were there, told us you were the best, now I know she was right.

I wish we could have meet your wife.

 I appreciate You

Larry Shaw

Oklahoma, USA


June 2011

    Hi Marv, I wanted to thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful tour of the Grand Canyon. You have so much knowledge and details that you add to your tour that we felt like we were with the ultimate expert of the Grand Canyon. You went to every measure to make sure we were getting all the tour had to offer, and we thank you. One of the nicest features of your tour was the fact that my husband Gary usually has to do the driving, which means dealing with traffic and missing many of the sights. He felt like he got to enjoy the Grand Canyon as much as me and even snuck in a nap on the way back. We certainly will refer people to you any chance we get. You were the highlight of our weekend!                                                        Hope to see you again,

                                                                                                            Gary & Lorie Murray

                                                                                                             Huntington Beach, Ca.




Hi Marv

I’m sure you receive these type of e-mails quite frequently (if not, I don’t understand) I just wanted to send this thank you from Ann Marie and Neil (me) and let you know the wonderful and educational time we had with you and our 4 other tour members. We could have gone to the Grand Canyon and read all the new signs (they were wonderful), BUT we could not have gotten you. You made everything come to life. Not only did we enjoy our tour mates, but your explanation, humor and knowledge made our tour of the Grand Canyon so much more. I will NEVER EVER forget you nor our tour-mates. I do not understand how others (except for money), can go blindly into the Grand Canyon and not take advantage of the knowledge and experience of guides like yourself.  My only regret is not booking a longer tour. I did enjoy the added CD with the photos you supplied. You are a great teacher and love of the canyon shine through, your quirky/UFO side (ok my thoughts and enjoyment) was what made the tour that much enjoyable. Ann Marie and I wish you a long life, peace and love for many many years to come. Thank you for being there when we needed you. I’m so happy we chose you instead of others and the helicopter ride,

Regards Ann Marie and Neil Leichman  (New City New York)




My husband and I would love to thank you for the "marvelous" time we had today. It was exactly what we were looking for in a tour. When we go on tours we like to learn about what we are seeing. You made the canyon come to life. We didn't want to leave. Your expert knowledge mixed with humor and colorful conversation, gave it such a family atmosphere. You care about the canyon and you let people know that. You made us care too. When we opened the travel packet that you gave us at the end of the tour and found the picture you had taken from your camera already printed out as a gift to us, IWe were so thankful that we had found your website the night before..

Kathy Grey


We booked Marvelous Marv’s Grand Canyon Tour on Friday 2/9/08.  Marv picked us up in Williams in his clean white high top van.   There were a total of 7 of us tourists on our tour, but he can take 12.  On the way to the Grand Canyon, we watched a video about the mules in the Grand Canyon.  This was a great way to see what you would see on the mule ride, but still be able to walk afterwards.  Marv has done the mule ride 3 times and can answer your questions.  He explained about living and working in the park, and some history of the National Park Service.  When we got to the Grand Canyon itself,  and we went to the first viewpoint, he gave us some time to absorb the size and beauty of it.  It really is awesome!  He taught us much about the history and geology of the canyon.  He took pictures of us with the canyon as background with each of our cameras.  We stopped at the Yavapai Observation Center, and a park ranger had a telescope set up so we could see the Colorado River and the bridge to get to the Phantom Ranch.  Marv explained about the Colorado River, water and resource “management”. He told us about the rafting trips, (they had a rafting slide show there) and about local volunteer efforts to clean up the shoreline and beaches of the river every year. There are some great exhibits, including a satellite map.  They have a great bookstore there (tax free!).  We walked along the Rim Trail and took more pictures at Yavapai Point . We saw the mules and riders far below, walking across the Plateau to the point, where they stop for lunch before returning up the Bright Angel Trail on the day trip. It was lunchtime for us too, so we went to the “Grand Canyon Village”, and had lunch at the Bright Angel Lodge.  The food was good, and not too expensive (lunch is not included in the tour).
After lunch, we had an hour or so to walk around and check out things in the Village at our leisure.   You could walk along the Rim Trail to the Kolb Studios and the Bright Angel Trailhead.  Or head up the other way toward the Hopi House, where there are many beautiful art pieces and much jewelry for sale.  We went to the El Tovar Hotel, which was built by the Railroad Barons.  They still keep the dining room Teddy Roosevelt used the same way it was back then. Verkamps  Store is up that way too, another great place to shop.

When we met Marv back at the van, he had a wonderful CD with video clips, a BBC radio interview, and hundreds of pictures of the Grand Canyon for everyone. This is included in the tour.   We finished our tour of the park area, and headed back down AZ route 64, listening to very relaxing music.

Yes, we learned a lot on this tour, because Marv is very knowledgeable.  However, the Grand Canyon  and surrounding areas are not just a job or business to him, it really is part of his and his family’s life, and it shows.  You can tell he really respects the canyon and the natural resources.  He has a great personality, wicked sense of humor,  and his irreverence for some of the things we discussed is refreshing.  And, like his website says, he knows where the bathrooms are!

T.C. Burdette


Hi  Marv---
Have been going through old travel information----came across your sheet---decided to see if you are still in business----glad to see you are-----we still talk about the wonderful day we had with you in July 2001---tell our grandkids about your being an advocate for preservation of our National Parks and infrastructure of our USA.   Your magnet is still in our RV so you have traveled with us many miles since our visit to AZ.   Keep on Drivin !!!!
Nancy and Jay Sharp
Mustang, OK

Oct. '06

Connie and I got back home on Friday and just wanted to let you to know that we had a great time on your tour last Tuesday.  Of all the tours we went on, your tour was by far the best.  Your extensive knowledge of the Grand Canyon coupled with your "politically incorrect" presentation really gave us a great insight into the history, geology and environmental issues impacting the Canyon.  
Thanks again for the privilege of being on your tour and your commitment to the environment.
Best Wishes
John and Connie Bulat 


Dear Marv,
Dave & I took your tour Aug 18, 2006.  We want to tell you again how much fun we had and what a wonderful tour guide you are.  We took your advice and went to Cameron Trading Post and had the Navaho taco.  It was everything you said it would be.  The trading post was really cool and we bought many gifts to bring home.  We also did the Pink Jeep tour in Sedona, to the Indian ruins.  It certainly puts a new spin on time.  Thank you for all of your information and advice.  We have been telling everyone here at home how important it is that we realize the importance of preserving our heritage & environment. 
Thanks again,  Dave & Linda Jacoby

July '06 

Hi Marv,
I just went through the CD you gave us--fantastic pictures!  Thank you so much.  I especially liked the tag on the "Indiana Jones of the Grand Canyon."  And the condors--I didn't get very good pictures of them, but you certainly did!
I've been singing your praises and talking to anyone who will listen about the wonderful day we spent at the Grand Canyon with you.  I know that my sister will definitely be traveling with you sometime in the upcoming year.
We also enjoyed our trip to Havasu and Mooney Falls.  The helicopter ride was really fun, the horse ride was great, and the falls were so beautiful.  Our entire Grand Canyon adventure was just perfect--we thank you for your part in that.
Also, the information packet your gave us at the end of the tour was great--we took advantage of one offer in it and went to the Observatory in Flagstaff.  We saw the planet Jupiter and its moons!  Thanks for the picture of our family on the rim, too.
Anyway, I just couldn't spend an evening with your pictures and not take a moment to thank you again for helping me fulfill my childhood dream of seeing the Grand Canyon.
Thank you,
Lisa Troute
Jupiter, FL

Hi Marv,

    Now that we're back home once again, we've been reflecting on our trip to the Grand Canyon with you on Monday, June 12, 2006.  That was such a great day!  Your commentary on the Canyon was very thorough and truly educational.  It was something that we definitely could not have gotten on any other tours, and certainly would have missed had we been on our own.  It was really special to be on what was basically a private tour with you and the 5 gals from Illinois.  What a treat!   The day was beautiful, the ride to and from the Canyon most relaxing (our conversation in the van both interesting and fun), and lunch at the Cafe was delicious.  Thanks for the tip on the chicken pot pies.  Yum!!
    We especially appreciated your telling us how to get over to the railroad yard in Williams after we returned, so that we could photograph the Shay and the other engines there.  Thanks, too, for the tip on the book, Over the Edge: Death in the Canyon.  Anne's reading it now, and says that it's not only fascinating, but very informative.  She loves the way the book is formatted, with charts tying everything together at the end of each chapter.  It's definitely well written. 
    Many thanks for the fabulous tour.  We will remember it for years to come, and have been telling all of our friends about you.  It's good to see someone take such a personal interest in, as you so aptly put it, "One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World".  The Grand Canyon is our heritage and needs our protection.   
    Let's pray that all who visit will hold it in the same high regard as you, and will work to preserve, rather than to destroy it.  Thank you again, good luck, and may your tour business prosper!
        Anne and Dick Anderson

HI Marv,
It is Monday at midnight and we are home in Pennsylvania!  . We drove through Glen Canyon on the way to Sedona yesterday about an hour after the big forest fire and an hour before they closed the pass.
Thanks for the wonderful experience at the Grand Canyon.  Your service far surpassed even the outstanding recommendation we had received from our friends.  What a way to see the canyon and learn about its many features!  You were just incredible and the highlight of our five days.  We really appreciated your friendship and the personal time you spent with us. We could have never anticipated the attention and enjoyment you gave us. Best wishes and thanks a million.
P.S. We stopped in Williams on our way to Sedona on Sunday but could not find you in the time we had. We would have enjoyed thanking you even more in person and having lunch together. Maybe next trip!
P.P.S.  Your pictures of our family also turned out great! I don't get in many pictures because usually I am taking them and see our trips through a lense. What a guy!
April '06 
Dear Marvelous One:
We all want to thank you for a marvelous day from the fantastic five. Your guided tour was beyond our expectation. Your website did not really do it justice, as your meaningful and politically not correct commentary was a welcomed departure from the normal canned tour. 
We will surely recommend your tour as an essential to any of our friends who are intending to visit the Grand Canyon in the future. As concerned Americans, we too are in agreement with your thinking that the American Park lands should be available for Americans without restrictions that are currently being and will imposed by our government. Surely, we hope that paving of the rim roadways are reconsidered. We enjoyed the walk and views that were unabated by throngs of tourists walking on sidewalks. Seeing the Elk and Coyote scat in the woods seemed out of context with the conventional tour, while at the same time bringing us closer to the environment and the balance that nature provides in the wilderness. The smell of the sage and beauty of the natural wonders which abound at the Canyon and its surroundings were the most awesome part of your tour.
Today, we had an opportunity to view the hundreds of photos and videos that you took and provided us with the same on your gift CD. All in all it was a Marvelous Marv kind of day and one that we will always remember as one of the highlights of our trip to Arizona. Josette knows the difference between a donkey and a mule now. Nevertheless, Josette still wants to put her "Jackass" on a "Donkey" and ride down the mule trail.
The Fantastic Five
Josette, Janice, Carole, Michelle & Fred (the mule master)  

I think the word 'marvelous' is very apropos when it comes to the kind of experience you and Maggie provided my wife and I on our recent visit to the Grand Canyon. Not only was it our first trip to the Canyon, but we were on a limited time schedule. What you gave us was a wonderful experience and one we will remember and cherish for a lifetime, or at least until we return for another visit. The wealth of knowledge you both have and shared with the people in our group simply made the visit. The sight of the Grand Canyon is indeed awesome, but your insight added a depth to the experience that was thoroughly captivating. I would liken it comparing a black and white image of the Canyon to a 3-D panoramic color photo or painting of the same scene. I'm sure you know which one your tour is. There was that much more depth to our experience. Whether it was the wonderful geology lesson on the Canyon that Maggie gave us or the human historical perspective of the Canyon, you gave us a most enjoyable and unforgettable picture of what is a truly magical place. I only wished we could have had more time to pick your brain, more time to hear the wonderful anecdotes, more time to learn about the wonder and majesty of this natural wonder of the world. And you guys are such wonderful teachers. Why you might ask? While we were at the Village walking along the rim, there were a couple occasions when someone was wondering out loud about this or that, and of course I could give them the answer. For example, "that's the bright angel trail." or " that's one of the trails that the mule trains take." I only felt sad that they hadn't had the opportunity we had of hearing all the really good stuff, all the behind the scenes stuff. I am sure we will be making another trip to the Canyon and when we do, we most assuredly will give you guys a call to reserve a space. And we will definitely recommend you to any and all who would be planning a trip there in the future.

Thanks again,

Masa and Rosemary Kora

My wife and I want to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour.It was a gas! You were playing hooky that day so your lovely lady took us.What a delite she is. You say it's a personal tour and it sure was. We were the only ones. WOW was that great. "M" is so good and well informed I was amazed. She taught me more that day than I learned in school.
Once she learned I was a Nam vet the tone of our tour took a hard left. It was great not having to be politicly correct. Earthy people are my people. "M" was a true wonder to listen too. Give that girl a raise!
I have already reccomended you to others and will keep doing so.We got much more than we paid for or expected.
Thank you both so much for a wonderful experience. We'll be back and do it again.
Joe & Mary Ann Dailey
our tour 8/24/05

August '05

Dear Marv:
I want to thank you for the wonder filled day last week.  This was my
second trip to the Grand Canyon in the last 5 years, and it was certainly
the most enjoyable.  Your hands-on, one-on-one tour was exactly what I was
looking for.  The awe and wonder and beauty of the Grand Canyon is  almost
overwhelming, but learning how it developed over time, learning about the
geology, ancient dwellers, plants and wildlife certainly made it more real.
I have some awesome photos and wonderful memories.

thanks for the entertaining and enlightening trip.

Theresa Cole
Durham, NC


Thank you so much for such a wonderful day at the Grand Canyon!  Our trip was amazing.  We went from Boston to Flagstaff (met you and Maggie), drove to Sedona and spent 3 days at The Enchantment Resort.  The Resort was expensive but amazing for a couple of days of sleeping surrounded by the red rocks!

We then flew out to L.A. and drove up to Kings Canyon to meet the Sequoia trees!  They are more amazing than we ever dreamed!

We drove to Coronado and spent a few days at the beach.  We spent a couple days in Disneyland before we stopped to take a quick look (which was WAY more than enough) at Hollywood!

Wow!  I guess all that glamour really only exists in the movies!

Thank you so much for the tour of the Grand Canyon.  You and Maggie gave us an UNFORGETTABLE experience and we speak of you often!

We learned a great deal about Arizona,  the Native Americans, the environment, The Grand Canyon, and you!  The ride back was great!  The kids fell asleep.  You turned off the P.A. in the van, we talked, and we truly felt we had made a friend in Arizona.  It was also really nice to see some of Williams!  We thought Williams had beautiful character.

We hope to see you both again some day.

Our son Ryan is an up and coming artist.  He took many pictures that day, but this one of Maggie really stood out!  I thought you would like it!

Much Love and Best Wishes!

Dave, Lisa, Justin, Ryan, Joshua, and Liam Novelline

Hi Marv and Maggie,
I have your magnet on my filing cabinet at work, and so many times I've thought I must drop you a line. Tony and I and our 6 teenagers took your tour in July 2004. We toured right across the US from San Fransisco to New York and of course whenever we can we let our fellow Aussies know just how wonderful your country is.  One of my favourite things to say is just how absolutely magnificient the Grand Canyon is.  And there is no doubt, both yourself and Maggie made this day, one I will never forget. The knowledge you provided us about the Canyon was fantastic. The teenagers just got so much out of it that they truly weren't expecting, and I was also overwhelmed with how spiritual it was. This is a big Thankyou Marv, to you and Maggie, even though it is well overdue.  And please, any time you are in Sydney let me know you are coming. We would love to give you something back in return.
Kindest regards
Sandy Thompson
Sydney, Australia


Just a note to say thanks again for the great day we spent with you and the crew on March 30th at
the Grand Canyon. The tour was everything you promised and more. I can't imagine spending a single
day at the Canyon any other way. And I greatly appreciate you steering us away from a G. C. Railroad
trip - that would have been a wasted day and a sheer bore for the kids. We made friends with a
couple staying at the same Inn - they had already booked a train ride and after hearing how much fun
we had, they regretted having to go through with it.

Keep up the great work. We hope to return there in a few years for another go-round - and we will be
sure to look you up!

All the best...

Bill, Lee Ann, Zachary, Addison & Karis Horner
Hi Marv & Maggie,
This is Becky Henry.  We took your wonderful tour in June of this year (2004) and I have to tell you that it was the best money we have ever spent!  Your knowledge and wonderful sense of humor made our trip most memorable.  We still talk about it today and would like for you to know that we think you and Maggie are superb tour guides.  Your insight into the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area is worth millions.  We would have never know any of the things we know now if we had not taken your tour!  For anyone who ever has any doubts if the tour is worth your money, I can say from our personal experience that if Marv can entertain our 19 year old daughter, a 13 year old nephew and a 31 year old nephew along with us old people, that you will not be disappointed.  Our daughter was such a skeptic and did not want to go to see the big hole in the ground, now she talks to all her friends about how wonderful and beautiful it is.  I know that this is due to you and Maggie.  If we had not taken your tour we would have been like the other millions of people who do their 17 minutes of staring at the Canyon and walk away!  We walked away with more memories and more information that no books or tour paper could ever provide!  I wish you and Maggie a wonderul life together and hope that you continue to share your love and heartfilled work with others.  May God bless you!
Hugs and many warms thanks,
Your friends from Beaumont, Texas
Becky, Charlie & Jennifer Henry
Donna, Fred & Christopher Holasek
Eric McCall


Loretta and I went on your tour march 29th,2004. Wow what a tour! Yours and
Maggie's knowledge of Geology, history and of the Grand Canyon made the tour
After all the years of "touring" your enthusiasm still shows. That is one of
the best endorsements for your tour. We really enjoyed the commentary and
the kidding around you and Maggie did through out the tour.
I will certainly recommend your tour to anyone who may be thinking of
visiting the Grand Canyon. I will be putting a link onto my "bog" web site.
Again THANKS for a great tour.
David R. Carr

July 14, 2003

Marv and Maggie,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you both you for our fascinating journey into the Grand Canyon. I have never been so humbled by nature as when we caught our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon. It was absolutely breath taking! We sincerely appreciate all of the information and narration you provided on the tour. It was indeed a pleasure to see the Grand Canyon through the eyes of a local resident with such expertise on the subject! We couldn't have asked for a more thorough tour. You both compliment each other so well, and allow the novice to see the Grand Canyon and experience it in all of it's splendor. We appreciate not only your insight, but allowing us to walk around on our own and explore the various views of the Canyon. There is only one way to see the Grand Canyon and that is by taking your tour. Since you limit the number of guests, it is the most intimate way to experience the canyon. Thank you for making it such an absolute treat! You have given us a memory that will last a lifetime! We will pass your name and number along to anyone that we find interested in visiting the Canyon.

Our best regards to you both!

Debbie and Rick

June 10, 2003

Marv & Maggie,

Mom and I would like to thank you and Magnificent Maggie for the awesome tour. You both are such a wealth of knowledge and truly were the highlight of our 12-night vacation. Nothing in "Lost Wages" compared to our time with you. Without your guidance we would have been one of those 17-minute visit families (if we could have found a parking spot!) and would have missed out on so much. Nobody has seen the Grand Canyon until they've seen it with you.

Thank you again,  Valerie and Lois Jones

March 20, 2002

Maggie and Marv,

Thanks for the wonderful day in the Grand Canyon. You made a very snowy day a success for three Texans. Without your expert guidance and watch care we would have missed seeing the many beautiful sights.Your constant attention to us and your expertise regarding the canyon was much appreciated. Your personalities made us feel like we were old friends and we thoroughly enjoyed your company.Our granddaughter, Rachel, after having spent five days at a dude ranch riding horses said her favorite part of the whole week was the Grand Canyon. You made that possible.

Your the greatest and we sincerely appreciate all you did for us. Hope to see you again in the future.

Hi Marv & Maggie,

Olive and I got back to Muskoka Lakes Canada in good shape lots of fun going through security at the airport but that's life. We wish to thank you for a wonderful tour we really enjoyed it also the floppy disc that you gave us we will cherish the pictures were very good. Olive and I have taken tours through europe,Greece,and the united kingdom and we rate yours right at the top .

Yours truly;    The Lawrence's

Hey Marv,

Hey Marv, How do I begin to tell you how much fun our group had with you and Maggie. You 2 definately(sic) exceeded our exectations. I visited the Canyon with my son in July of '99 and thought it was wonderful. But your dedication to the area and the enjoyment of others to appreciate it is exceptional. We had such a wonderful time. Your attention to Mike,(riding shotgun) was great. We know you realized he has a problem, but you just accepted him the way he is. Most people, unfortunately, have a problem with that, but not you. I guess it didn't really surprise me once I met you.
What a zest for life you and Maggie have. I will highly recommend your services to anyone that is even close to the area. The special touches, like the cd and all the area ammenities, was especially great. This is above and beyond the call of duty.
Granted, our trip would have been nice, but with your guidance it was exceptional. It's unanimous, that whole gang loved you and Maggie, and of course the tour. Sure hope you 2 have a great time in London and Amsterdam, you deserve it!! I will be checking on the results of the court battle of the Park. We all sure hope the people of Williams fight for all of us. A Disneyland at Grand Canyon is Mickey Mouse.
My love to both of you, you feel like family!!!
Elaine Grace


Thanks for a really wonderful tour. We enjoyed every single minute and came away with a greater appreciation for the Canyon than we could have imagined. The day was a cram course in Grand Canyon 101 and you were a great teacher. Your passion for the Canyon and the environment is apparent and that's what makes your tour so interesting - it's contagious. Our disk turned out great, too.Your tour was the highlight of our vacation - you are "marvelous"!

Kay & Bill Crist

As promised. I wrote a note to Frommer's. I signed in as a customer / reviewer for the Arizona 2004 Guide. I copied and pasted my message to Frommer's below, for you to read. Hope this helps get you listed.
 Frommer's Arizona, 2004
Reviewer: Judy Davis from Nova Scotia, Canada
I began to use Frommer's a few years ago. The first book I bought was for our trip to London, England. The second, for our trip to Puerto Rico. I found the guide very useful for both trips.

Overall, the Arizona guide did not let me down either. I found it very helpful when planning our trip to Arizona. We reviewed all our options for hotels, things to do, and tips for travel prior to our trip. I truly enjoyed the tips.

This guide contained a lot of very useful information. By the time we arrived in Phoenix, I felt like I knew the place. I had no trouble getting around the city. I booked horse back riding (Pondersa Ranch in South Mountain.......a great time), hotels (Best Western in Tempe and Phoenix areas.......good deals with Grand Slam Breakfasts included), and got tickets to a St. Patrick's day event (Bare Naked Ladies through in Phoenix from home by using the suggestions in this guide.

For this trip however, I didn't use the suggested tours for the Grand Canyon. Instead, I went on instinct and booked a tour I found on the Internet: "Marvelous Marv's Grand Canyon Tours". We had a wonderful time. The tour was $70 each and it was a full day. We spent approximately 5 hours at the Canyon and was given additional time to shop. We got more than we bargained for in the price of our ticket. A truly great deal for Frommer's to advertise! Marv and his partner Maggie were very informative. They described the geological factors, provided a lot of information about the local economy, jobs, and was very intent on making sure we walked away satisfied by our day.

I do enjoy Frommer's. Please consider putting "Marvelous Marv's Grand Canyon Tours" in your 2005 edition. Your customers will appreciate it I'm sure. It's truly a great experience seeing the Grand Canyon from a local perspective. Marv is a local and has been doing this for over 25 years. He knows his stuff. This tour is a must for first time visitors to the Grand Canyon.

Hi Marv and Maggie,
Just wanted to thank you again for giving us such a special day to remember.  This was our second trip with you and we were just as thrilled about this trip as we were our first.  You and Maggie work so great together and it is such a pleasure to experience the Canyon with you and take advantage of all your knowledge.  It's also fun to watch people work who truly enjoy each other, their guests, and what they do for a living.  We had a fabulous time and wouldn't do the Canyon without you!  I think we could go out with the both of you again and again (and most likely will) and still learn about and enjoy our surroundings.  We are so grateful that we found you.  My in-laws went back to New York this morning and they couldn't thank us enough for introducing them to you and your tour, in fact we had a drink for you and toasted you and Maggie at dinner on the way home Saturday night.  We love your tour and will make every effort to inform anyone we know who will be visiting the area about you. Best of luck to you both in the future and here's hoping we see you soon.
Vinnie and Pat Menta, April 3, 2004 
Mel and I want to thank you for the wonderful day we had touring the Grand Canyon with you November 23rd. We would encourage everyone to take your informative and fun tour as "just seeing it" doesn't do it justice. The knowledge and history you shared was incredible, as were the photos we received capturing out lovely day.
Thank you,
Jackie and Mel
2 Very Satisfied Customers

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